Actions speak louder than words

The Canadian banks are highly regarded and generally considered to be some of the best  in the world.

Economists that work for the banks frequently comment on the Canadian and world economy, the North American and world stock markets and real estate prices in the USA and Canada. They also give their predictions and advise on what investments will fare best in the slowly improving economy.

That’s what they say, but….what do the banks do?

Try this:

Go into your friendly bank and say, “I want to buy some stocks. I would like to invest $500,000 I want to use $100,000 of my money and $400,000 of the bank’s money.

They will not do it.

Now go to the same bank and make the same proposition except say,” I want to invest in a $500,000 house with $100,000 my money and $400,000 of yours.

They will approve the loan in a few hours.


Because the banks believe in the investment value of real estate.

“Their actions speak louder than their words”

Find out where people want to live, go there and buy real estate.
Buy lifestyle real estate on the lakeshore or on the golf course. Buy in communities with airports, hospitals and universities.

The Provincial Government employs demographers who study population movement to predict where people are going. This allows governments to provide services in the right places. The government spends millions to get this information. You don’t need to. Just pay attention to what they do, not what they say.

 Now that you have this information, look around.
Were can you find a community that has all or most of these things:

Regional hospital
degree granting university
international airport
golf courses
Throw in some ski hills, orchards, wineries, and semi desert climate and that sounds like the Okanagan.

Find out where people want to live, go there and buy real estate. Don’t forget… the bank will help. those guys are smart!

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