Steve MacNaull has this to say April 2 2013 (The Daily Courier)

Don’t overprice your home

Home sales tend to fall into two categories, according to Kelowna realtor Bert Chapman of Premier Canadian Properties.

The first and most preferable is homes that are priced and marked well and sell within three weeks of being listed.

The second is homes that languish on the market and take months and months to sell because they are priced too high in this buyers’ market.

In his most recent newsletter, Chapman suggested sellers working with their realtor price the home competitively compared to what else is listed in Kelowna.

The listing also has to show up well in computer searches. These days, potential buyers use the Internet to do their preliminary research before contacing a realtor and going out to actually look at homes.

Maximum price is also a consideration in searches on (Multiple Listing Service) that potential buyers and realtors use.

Since the site searches by price, a seller who lists at $459,000 can miss out on potential buyers who are searching to a maximum of $450,000.

Chapman recommends considering listing for a little lower to get attention and showings and negotiate price from there.

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