Grant’s Testimonials

‘Our family recently relocated from the UK to work and live in Kelowna. We were connected to Grant by a mutual friend during an early trip to Kelowna. From the outset Grant has been very much part of the team in assisting us with settling in Canada. The real estate process is different enough in Canada from the UK to introduce a number of potential stumbling blocks. Grant has outstanding expertise not only in the field of real estate, but also brings great experience in contracting and a wide range of contacts which all comes together in a confidence-inspiring and supportive package. Grant is able to look ahead and advise of any potential issues, and also has the know-how to help smooth out any unforeseen challenges. In fact, I have learned that Grant relishes these interesting challenges that slightly unconventional purchases can bring. Less than 2 months after arriving in Kelowna, Grant has helped us into a beautiful new home, and I simply can’t recommend him highly enough’                

Philip J. M.

Thank you for your invaluable assistance and utmost professionalism in the purchase of our rental properties in Kelowna. Over the past two years, you have used your extensive experience and knowledge to steer us towards sound investment opportunities and have shown extreme patience by taking us on countless viewings. You have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty; whether it is by driving out to Kamloops to represent us in foreclosure proceedings, meeting us at any time to accommodate our busy schedules, or providing us with timely and detailed research to help us make smart decisions. Whenever we have decided to purchase a property, you have acted swiftly and made it as easy as possible for us to sign on the dotted line. During negotiations, you have conducted yourself with class, showing courtesy towards the seller while ensuring that our interests were heard. With you, we have always felt that we were receiving professional and high-quality representation. You are the best realtor we have ever worked with, and we will continue to use your services for many years to come. Sincerely, Dr. K C, Associate Professor  & Ms. W C, Lawyer

“I am no stranger to the world of business men; working my career as an executive assistant for many years I’ve come across many different personalities. Grant Good is one business man I would recommend to all of you; his knowledge of the realty industry is refreshing and he conducts himself in a professional and understanding way. Working with Grant ….on the sale of our first home is an experience I want all of you to enjoy.” M Maclean, Executive Assistant and D Maclean, CA-Tolko

Dear Bert Chapman, Managing Broker Premier Canadian Properties; I’m sitting on my Penthouse deck enjoying the best view in Kelowna and reflecting back on what it took to put me here. A very exceptional realtor in your office, Grant Good worked with me to put together what would otherwise have been impossible. It started with me window shopping; I was curious as to what was for sale. Grant came outside and in a very professional way asked what I might be interested in. He then made me aware of an unlisted deal that would even include the possibility of a trade and financing. His dedication to us during that time was amazing. He took the time to find out what our needs and desires were and worked tirelessly to accommodate us. He knew the ins and outs of real estate deals like few people I’ve ever met. He worked with my wife to redesign some small problem areas and then organized and brought in subtrades for us so that the place would be redone upon our arrival. He discussed our concerns and brought forward suggestions that became great solutions. His knowledge of the Kelowna market and future pending developments helped us to understand the value of our location. I came to the point of trusting him as a friend and offered him use of my convertible as a thank you for his efforts. He used it a wee bit, and returned it fully detailed and shining! Later he borrowed my truck and I’m quite sure it was just so he again could clean and detail it for me. When we took possession of our new home Grant was there with furniture dollies and spent the evening helping us move in. We were greeted with a massive several pound dark chocolate / sour cherry locally made chocolate bar and flowers, and a full slate of wonderful cleaning supplies. And he brought latte’s! I have been a builder most of my life and have never seen this kind of service. Grant Good gives exceptional value and I have come to treasure him as a true professional and good friend . Sincerely, Ed & Dawn

“Gord and I appreciate the time you have given our file since we met in December.   We recognize that you have spent and incredible amount of time researching areas so that our visits in early February and again this past weekend in March were targeted and focused in our quest to find a home in the Kelowna area. You are focused , committed, and enthusiastic  have enjoyed working with you up to this point and although we have not finalized a deal we are much more attuned to what is available thanks to you. Your professionalism and attention to detail are areas that both Gord and I really admire.                                   Thank you for working for us. We look forward to continuing to work with you to find our future abode in Kelowna.” B.Salidas, Calgary Board of Education


In Late February of 2013 we decided to look for a vacation retreat in the Kelowna area. We needed a weekend getaway from our careers at a large law firm and international telecommunications company. After doing much research on our own we decided it was time to engage the services of a realtor. We were introduced to Grant Good through friends of ours who were also looking in the Kelowna area. After our first long conversation with Grant we had a good feeling that we had the right guy. He seemed to have an incredible knowledge of the local market and with his experience and contacts we knew he would find us the right property.

As we were not able to visit Kelowna on a regular basis we had to do most work from our home base in Calgary. We communicated with Grant via email and phone calls outlining our requirements in a property. Grant then sent us suggested properties on a regular basis. Grant happened to come to Calgary to visit his family and took the time to spend a good part of a day with us to review and discuss various properties that we wanted to visit while in Kelowna. This in our opinion was above and yond.                                                                                                                                                      In early April we went to Kelowna and spent Friday through Sunday with Grant looking at properties and touring Kelowna. Over this weekend we looked at a large number of properties –day and night. Grant’s experience with the Kelowna area helped us to quickly identify the neighborhoods where we wanted to purchase and then the best properties in those neighborhoods. At the end of the weekend we made an offer which was accepted. We feel that we got an exceptional deal on the right property. This was all due to Grants hard work and persistence.

We are writing this letter of recommendation to express our complete satisfaction and thanks to Grant Good. The service and personal attention we received from Grant was exceptional. His knowledge of the local market and his key contacts in the community helped us in the search for our Kelowna property. You will not regret having Grant assist you in your property search in the Kelowna area.

Sincerely, J & M McAuliffe

My husband and I were first time buyers in the market to buy a mobile home. We contacted Grant Good who went to great lengths to find us exactly what we were looking for. He helped us make the right choices and walked us through all the steps including the financing. Even though it was a small purchase, he treated us as if we were buying a million dollar home. With his help we found our dream home and we couldn’t be happier. But that’s not all. After the deal was signed, sealed and delivered, Grant was still there with a helping hand; like where to buy discounted materials, grants to apply for, the Welcome Wagon and the list goes on. He is the Realtor that keeps on giving. I just want to say ‘Thank you, Grant Good, for all you did for us. We love our new home.” If you are looking for a home to call your own, let Grant Good help make your dream come true.Yeah, and tell him Yaz and Wayne sent you!                                                         Wayne & Yasmin Pitre

Grant Good is one of the best things that has happened to Holiday Park Resort. We have been in the resort for three years, but never took the plunge into purchasing a site. One afternoon, on a whim, we went to see Grant and by the end of the afternoon we had a realtor. Grant is approachable, and his background in music has made him a great listener. He truly cares about his clients, buyer or seller. Grant is also not afraid to be unconventional. When we told him the site we loved was not fior sale , he said to give him the number anyways, and  then within a few days , it was listed, within our price range. Moreover, it is incredibly difficult to obtain external financing in Holiday Park due to the nature of the lease. Grant was undaunted by this, and suggested several “creative” financing options. In the end, we were successful in purchasing our site and obtained partial vendor financing, at Grant’s suggestion. Purchasing our site was an easy and even enjoyable experience because of Grant’s dedication and knowledge. We are all moved in, and are truly happy with our new home and the quality of service we received from Grant.. Grant is creative, motivated, and we highly recommend him The Plamondin Family